#12 – Experience | DONJON-SMIT

#12 – Experience

(12) Have equipment and experience to work in the specific regional geographic environment(s) that the vessel operates in (e.g., bottom type, water turbidity, water depth, sea state and temperature extremes).

·         Donjon-SMIT has both the experience and equipment to operate in any environment that might present itself in an incident. We have specific experience in each of the following environments. Shown in parenthesis is a recent job conducted in such conditions. The specifics are available in the CDT.

ü  Fast moving river currents (Westfield, Galveston),

ü  Deep water in excess of 15,000 feet (Ehimi Maru, Hawaii)

ü  Shallow water (Katrina Salvage Response, Louisiana)

ü  All bottom types including rock, sand, mud, and coral (see Experience Matrix)

ü  Cold weather environments below 0 degrees F (Siemans Turbine)

ü  Hot weather in excess of 90 degrees F (Fedra)

ü  Open ocean environments with high sea states (Napoli)

ü  High turbidity environments with severely restricted visibility (Westfield)

·         See www.donjon.com and www.smit.com websites for equipment details.

ü  This equipment and the specific jobs are shown in the Compliance Decision Tool and Experience Matrix.