#13 – Logisitical Support | DONJON-SMIT

#13 – Logisitical Support

(13) Have the logistical and transportation support capability required to sustain operations for extended periods of time in arduous sea states and conditions.

·         Donjon-SMIT thrives on open-ocean, arduous conditions. With port agents in every COTP zone, we have immediate access to all the logistics support required to carry out a long duration, difficult response; including the sustainment of that response.

·         This support includes fabrication shops, testing facilities, and shore side command centers. Logistic assets include trucking, aircraft (charter and scheduled; passenger and cargo), helicopter (heavy lift and passenger), floating assets, and train.

·         As shown in the Experience Matrix, both Donjon and SMIT have responded, and supported, remote jobs for months at a time.