#3 – Own or Have Contracts for Equipment | DONJON-SMIT

#3 – Own or Have Contracts for Equipment

(3) Own or have contracts for equipment needed to perform response services.

·         Donjon-Smit owns an unparalleled suite of salvage, lightering, and firefighting equipment, deployed at sites around the country and the world. With its response partners, we can ensure immediate access to contracted floating resources such as tugs and barges in areas where we may not have our own assets immediately available. Our CDT shows each response partner and subcontractor’s location, equipment, and contract, in every Captain of the Port Zone.

·         SMIT asset value is shown in their annual report available on their website (see home page). While Donjon is not a public company and does not publish an annual report, review of the donjon.com website reveals similar assets to that owned by SMIT, from tugs to heavy lift and all manner of response salvage equipment. With the two inventories combined, it is unlikely a better equipped salvage service provider can be found.

·         See the Compliance Decision Tool to view specific equipment, contracts and agreements.