#4 – Employ Personnel with Training and Certification | DONJON-SMIT

#4 – Employ Personnel with Training and Certification

(4) Employ personnel with documented training certification and degree experience (Naval Architecture, Fire Science, etc.).

·         Donjon-Smit is committed to training its salvors to meet the rigors of the industry through documented training programs. We employ degreed personnel from most major disciplines of the maritime world, including naval architecture, maritime logistics, mechanical engineering, marine firefighting, etc.

·         A requirement of our Response Partners is that they have similar training and education requirements in their companies.

·         Below is a list of some of those degrees and qualifications for key personnel:

v  John Witte, Jr.

v  Doug Martin

v  Paul Hankins

v  William Kratz, III

v  Sean Crowe

v  Tim Williamson

v  Kristopher A. Latorre

v  Michael Koss

v  Richard A. Rohweder