#5 – 24/7 Rapid Response | DONJON-SMIT

#5 – 24/7 Rapid Response

(5) Maintain 24-hour availability of personnel and equipment, and a history of response times compatible with the time requirements in the regulation.

·         Donjon-Smit maintains a 24/7 contact point, with its staff on call around-the-clock.

·         Our history shows an impressive record of providing onsite equipment and personnel well within the timeframes suggested in the rule.

·         Our strategic response partners are in position to provide resources and personnel to enhance the response time capability of Donjon-Smit.

·         Both Donjon and SMIT hold the U.S. Navy Salvage contracts REQUIRING, as part of the contract terms, an immediate response capability. Both companies have had their contracts renewed multiple times, accentuating the favorable light bestowed upon them by the U.S. Navy in regards to their capabilities and rapid response capabilities.