#7 – Drills and Exercises | DONJON-SMIT

#7 – Drills and Exercises

(7) Have a successful record of participation in drills and exercises.

·         Donjon-SMIT regularly participates in drills and exercise. These include client-held events, drills and exercises sponsored by QIs, and various government-sponsored opportunities. We certify our compliance within the requirements of the Coast Guard’s National Preparedness and Response Training Program (NPREP) and list those events we participate in on the CDT.

·         2009:

v  BP Shipping salvage exercise

v  Gallagher Marine Services tabletop drills (Athens, Hamburg, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipai seminars)

v  O’Briens Tabletop drills (Houston)

v  Routine notification drills


·         2010:

v  Shell Oil Spill of National Significance Drill

v  UNICOM annual exercise

v  Gallagher Marine Services Tabletop drills (Athens, Tokyo, Taipai, London, Pusan)

v  Maersk Annual exercise

v  Routine notification drills

v  Bouchard Sector NY Industry-led exercise