NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2010 Contact: Debra Colbert, Donjon-SMIT, 301/565-5329; Click here for PDF version Alexandria, VA -- Donjon-SMIT, LLC’s Board of Directors has announced that its new salvage, lightering and marine firefighting (SMFF) services package is now complete and includes an innovative new Coast Guard-approved and International Group of P&I Club–accepted contract. Providing the first of its kind rate sheets and a funding agreement, Donjon-SMIT believes vessel owners will benefit from the extent of the contract which fairly protects the interests of both shipowner and salvor. Also included in Donjon-SMIT’s package is its 2011 retainer fee rate structure for tank vessels operating under the new OPA-90 salvage regulations that go into effect in early 2011. Donjon-SMIT offers fleet discounts and a damaged stability program capability within this structure. Donjon-SMIT will continue to offer non-tank vessels its current no-cost retainer under its existing contract umbrella. The new SMFF services package includes 100% coverage to all Coast Guard Captain of the Port zones, using Donjon-SMIT organic resources and an extensive organization of partners and subcontractors, providing coverage in all locations required to be covered by the new regulations. As part of its services, Donjon-SMIT offers a unique tool to help its clients certify (in accordance with the regulations) Donjon-SMIT’s ability to comply with all aspects of the regulations, including the 15 salvor prerequisites and the response time planning standards. Donjon-SMIT has developed a video explaining the compliance tool evaluator as well as a comprehensive overview of the regulatory requirements fulfilled by Donjon-SMIT’s program. This program is being coordinated closely with all Qualified Individuals and Plan Preparers to assist in a smooth transition into the new requirements and submission of new Vessel Response Plans as required under the law. Prior to submitting your new Vessel Response Plan, all tank vessel owners planning to operate in the U.S. in 2011 are encouraged to request an appointment with a Donjon-SMIT representative so that the program can be explained or consult your QI for guidance. “We are confident that a review of our capabilities will convince customers/clients that Donjon-SMIT offers the best OPA-90 salvage response program in the industry is well suited to be the primary salvor of choice,” said Paul Hankins, Vice President, Donjon-SMIT. Interested tank vessel owners/operators, as well as other parties, should contact Donjon-SMIT at 1-703/299-0081 or visit If non-tank vessel owners or operators are interested in reviewing the new contract and program, a summary will be provided upon request.

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