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Alexandria, VA – A DONJON-SMIT client today received the first Tank Vessel Response Plan (TVRP) Salvage and Marine Firefighting (SMFF) Update Approval issued by the U.S. Coast Guard under the new SMFF regulations.

The SMFF regulations, effective as of February 22, 2011, required that plan-holders revise their TVRPs with numerous new salvage and marine firefighting response procedures to be supported by extensive additional contracted response resources. The rules also required documentary evidence of compliance, including an SMFF Contract and Funding Agreement and Vessel Prefire Plans.

DONJON-SMIT’s innovative approach to SMFF regulatory compliance documentation locates a substantial segment of the newly required information and documents on the web, simplifying the TVRP update submission process by minimizing the paperwork.

“Our goal has been to ensure our clients full compliance with every element of the SMFF regulations. That goal has guided our unique approach to the specifics of TVRP SMFF documentation requirements,” said DONJON-SMIT President Paul Hankins. “Our system maximizes web-based efficiencies, providing our clients with an SMFF compliance documentation product that is both comprehensive and user-friendly.”

Throughout the TVRP update revision and review process, DONJON-SMIT worked in close cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure that all documentation submitted on behalf of DONJON-SMIT clients would meet U.S. Coast Guard standards and expectations.

Interested tank vessel owners/operators, as well as other parties, should contact DONJON-SMIT at 1-703/299-0081 or visit If non-tank vessel owners or operators are interested in reviewing the program, a summary will be provided upon request.

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