Marine Salvage, Firefighting and Lightening

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DONJON-SMIT is ready to assist owners and operators in their efforts to meet OPA 90 requirements by offering stand-by coverage for salvage, firefighting and lightering services.  The company manages an extensive and strategically positioned emergency response network across the entire United States, from Guam to St. Thomas, from Florida to Alaska.

US government authorities have shown their confidence in Donjon and SMIT, evidenced by the award of numerous US Navy salvage contracts over the past 35 years and an unprecedented record of accomplishment in US salvage response. Donjon and SMIT have responded to countless high-profile cases and multiple maritime emergencies like the disasters created by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike.


An unmatched record of successful salvage operations performed in all conditions and locations


Highly-trained, experienced firefighting teams fully equipped to extinguish shipboard fires swiftly and safely


Executing carefully engineered lightering plans safely and efficiently, using purpose-built DONJON-SMIT equipment

Damaged Stability Calculations

Damaged stability calculations are much more complicated than intact stability, and this service will compliment our OPA-90 coverage

Drills and Training

Vessel Response Plans require shipping companies to perform readiness drills, and we're here to help you remain compliant

Worldwide Salvage

Global Coverage

For the U.S. Navy