Drills and Exercises

Drills & Training

DONJON-SMIT regularly participates in drills and exercise. These include client-held events, drills and exercises sponsored by QIs, and various government-sponsored opportunities. We certify our compliance within the requirements of the Coast Guard’s National Preparedness and Response Training Program (NPREP).

We have designed, executed and evaluated a variety of exercises and training activities for vessels and vessel owners. These exercises and training sessions vary in scope and complexity based on your needs. There are a variety of drill and exercise requirements according to NPREP. Some of which include, vessel Remote Assessment and Consultation Exercises, Tabletop Exercises and Equipment Deployment.

We respond 24/7. We have the experts and the specialized equipment for almost any marine emergency.

Kulluk & Incident Command

In late December 2012 when the conical drilling rig ‘Kulluk’, 9,900 DWT, was under tow to Seattle the tow connection parted in a severe storm in the Gulf of Alaska. Despite efforts to re-establish the tow connection the rig eventually grounded on the pristine coast of Sitkalidak Island, which is part of Kodiak Island.

The severe weather, condition of the rig, remote location and the fact that the rig was located in one of America’s most sensitive environments meant that a successful salvage operation was given the highest priority. It was vital to prevent further harm to the environment and a swift refloat was required to avoid any additional damage to the specialized rig. The owners of the Kulluk contracted SMIT Salvage under a LOF contract to perform this exceptionally challenging task. 

The Kulluk response demonstrated the importance of drills and training in Incident Command System (ICS).  The ICS is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of emergency response providing a common hierarchy within which responders from multiple agencies can be effective.