Marine Salvage

Emergency Response

Multidisciplined teams, including specialists in fire-fighting, naval architecture, hazardous chemicals, towage and marine pollution prevention, are all required with the complex nature of salvage operations. DONJON-SMIT’s highly trained and experienced salvage teams are geared up for instant round-the-clock response, anywhere in the U.S., no matter how remote the location. Our Salvage Masters are experts in effective operational command. The salvage team members provide all the specialist disciplines required to achieve the desired results, including diving, naval architecture, heavy lift engineering, pumping and towing.

The DONJON-SMIT OPA-90 Alliance has an unmatched record of successful salvage operations performed in all conditions and locations. When a casualty occurs, every action taken by DONJON-SMIT’s salvage team is carefully planned and engineered to best secure the safety of your crew, your vessel, and your cargo. Every salvage operation is managed in full compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulatory frameworks and with environmental care properly prioritized.

We respond 24/7. We have the experts and the specialized equipment for almost any marine emergency.